№12 / 2017

Põder A., Haldre M.
Urogenital mycoplasmosis and pregnancy
Ziganshina M.M., Abdurakhmanova N.F., Pavlovich S.V., Gvozdeva A.D., Bovin N.V. Sukhikh G.T.
Endometrial glycome in the menstrual cycle and endometrial receptivity
Kraevaya E.E., Nalobin D.S., Glukhov A.I., Makarova N.P., Kalinina E.A.
Prediction of outcomes in assisted reproductive technology programs by determining telomere length and telomerase activity in cumulus cells and lymphocytes
Kuznetsova I.V.
Prevention of iron-deficiency states in reproductive-aged women
Original Articles
Fedorova T.A., Shmakov R.G., Rogachevsky O.V., Pyregov A.V., Strelnikova E.V., Vinitsky A.A., Korolev A.Yu.
Infusion-transfusion therapy during cesarean section in pregnant women with placenta increta
Shmakov R.G., Polushkina E.S., Akhmedova A.I., Sokolova M.A., Vinogradova M.A.
Principles of pregnancy management in women with Ph-negative myeloproliferative neoplasms
Lemeshevskaya T.V., Pribushenya O.V.
Prediction of preeclampsia during extended first-trimester combined prenatal screening
Torchinov A.M., Tsakhilova S.G., Kuznetsov V.P., Khmelnitskaya A.V., Poletaev A.B.
Prognostic value in determining the maternal autoantibodies during pregravid preparation, which affect the development of autism spectrum disorder in a baby
Bogatyreva Kh.A., Mishieva N.G., Burmenskaya O.V., Trofimov D.Yu., Martazanova B.A., Lapina V.S., Korolkova A.I., Martynova M.V., Abubakirov A.N.
The transcriptional profile of cumulus cells in women with diminished ovarian reserve in ovarian stimulation protocols in different phases of the menstrual cycle in in vitro fertilization programs
Amyan T.S., Krechetova L.V., Perminova S.G., Vtorushina V.V.
Features of the composition of peripheral blood lymphocyte subpopulations with cytotoxic, killer, and regulatory functions in women with recurrent implantation failures in ART programs
Skovorodina T.V., Vishnyakova P.A., Tsvirkun D.V., Shmakov R.G., Vysokikh M.Yu.
Role of mitochondrial DAMPs in the manifestation of hypertensive complications of pregnancy
Nerodo G.A., Zykova T.A., Ivanova V.A., Nerodo E.A.
Presence of viral DNA in tissues of vulvar cancer patients
Dorofeeva E.I., Podurovskaya Yu.L., Degtyarev D.N., Prokhin A.V., Aleksandrova N.V., Balashov I.A., Kozlova A.V., Bychenko V.G.
Prospects for use of surgical navigation to correct congenital malformations in neonatology
Organization of Public Health
Samigullina A.E., Kibets E.A., Vybornykh V.A.
Retrospective analysis of cesarean section rates in reproductive-aged women in the Kyrgyz Republic
Exchange of Experience
Yudina T.A., Manukhin I.B., Tikhomirov A.L.
Optimization of the postembolization period in patients with uterine myoma
Guidelines for the Practitioner
Gorbunova E.A., Yamurzina A.A., Apolikhina I.A.
Urogynecological pessaries: practical skills for physicians
Rakhmatulina M.R.
Combination therapy for papillomavirus infection
Chilova R.A., Chushkov Yu.V., Proklova G.F.
The evidence base of the efficiency of treatment for menopausal syndrome with intravaginal hormonal agents
Enkova E.V.
Genital herpes: diagnosis, suppressive therapy relevance, prevention
Kutsenko I.I., Tomina O.V., Borovikov I.O., Savchenko T.N.
Prevention of thromboembolic complications in hormonal contraception in women over 35 years
Clinical Notes
Tskhai V.B., Naberezhnev Yu.I., Chirikov M.N., Lobanova T.T., Dudina A.Yu., Golovchenko O.V.
Application of continuous amnioinfusion via a subcutaneous port system for premature rupture of membranes and at less than 28 weeks of gestation. The first experience in Russia
Resolution of the Expert meeting on the topic “Prospects for supporting the luteal phase in the ART/IVF cycles in Russia and abroad”
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