№2 / 2017

Vinitskiy A.A., Shmakov R.G.
The modern concepts of etiology and pathogenesis placenta accreta and prospects of its prediction by molecular diagnostics
Zorina I.M., Smolnikova V.Yu., Bobrov M.Yu.
Study of embryo metabolic products in culture media as a tool for determining the implantation potential
Bushtyrev V.A., Zubkov V.V., Kuznetsova N.B., Barinova V.V.
Perinatal audit and a “neonatal near miss” model as a current form of care quality control in neonatology
Original Articles
Nikolaeva M.G., Serdyuk G.V., Gorbacheva T.I., Fadeeva N.I., Momot A.P.
Impact of lymphocyte therapy on blood fibrinolytic activity and immune responses in patients with a history of reproductive losses
Linde V.A., Palieva N.V., Botasheva T.L., Avrutskaya V.V., Dudareva M.V.
Role of pro- and contrinsular factors in the development of obstetric pathology
Malgina G.B., Shafieva K.A., Shikhova E.P.
Very early premature birth as a predictor of postpartum depression
Sheveleva G.A., Fedorova T.A., Chirkova E.M., Nartsissov Ya.R., Podoprigora G.I.
Efficiency of metabolic therapy in the mother-fetus system and offspring in hypoxic states in the experiment
Naimi Z.M.S., Kalinina E.A., Donnikov A.E., Dudarova A.Kh.
Association of vitamin D receptor (VDR) gene polymorphism with embryological characteristics and effectiveness of in vitro fertilization programs
Likhacheva V.V., Tretyakova Ya.N., Zorina V.N., Bazhenova L.G., Markdorf A.G., Sotnikova L.S., Zorin N.A.
Chronic endometritis: The levels of regulatory and transport proteins in blood and intrauterine swabs in the prediction of the effectiveness of IVF programs
Malyshkina A.I., Voronin D.N., Antsiferova Yu.S., Nagornyi S.N., Kirsanov A.N.
Impact of therapy with a selective progesterone receptor modulator on the synthesis of factors that regulate apoptosis and proteolysis in the myomatous nodules of patients with large leiomyoma
Dolgushina N.V., Donnikov A.E., Vyssokikh M.Yu., Desiatkova N.V., Suhanova Yu.A., Dolgushin O.A., Parhomenko A.A.
The role of adipokines and gene regulators adipokines in the effectiveness of assisted reproductive technology programs in overweight patients
Solopova A.E., Makatsaria A.D., Sdvizhkov A.M., Ternovoy S.K.
Magnetic resonance imaging in the differential diagnosis of ovarian masses: Capabilities of quantitative multiparametric evaluation
Exchange of Experience
Dobrohotova Yu.Yu., Makarov O.V., Kuznetsov P.A., Olenev A.S., Ozimkovskaja E.P.
Delayed interval delivery after the birth of the first fetus from multiple gestation (description of the serial cases)
Bogdanova A.M., Glukhov E.Yu., Dikke G.B.
Use of low-frequency ultrasound in the combination treatment of the hypoplastic type of chronic endometritis
Belokrinitskaya T.E., Frolova N.I., Turanova O.V., Shemyakina K.N., Pletneva V.A., Sambueva N.B., Maltseva E.E.
The effectiveness and acceptability of screening for human papillomavirus in self- and medical sampling of vaginal discharge
Smetnik A.A., Smetnik V.P., Kiselev V.I.
Experience with indole-3-carbinol used to treat diseases of the breast and to prevent breast cancer
Guidelines for the Practitioner
Tikhomirov A.L., Manukhin I.B., Gevorkyan M.A., Manukhina E.I., Kazenashev I.V.
A new approach to choosing hormonal contraception through systematization of existing drugs
Dubrovina S.O.
Role of Chlamydia in the etiology of small pelvic inflammatory diseases
Clinical Notes
Padrul M.M., Olina A.A., Sadykova G.K.
Clinical observation of a patient with bowel endometriosis
Alexander N. Strizhakov
Бионика Медиа