№2 / 2018

Exchange of Experience
Smolnova T.Yu., Nechaeva G.I., Martynov A.I., Bockeria E.L.
Cardiac structural abnormalities: A population norm or a risk group during pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and in newborn infants
Korolkova A.I., Mishieva N.G., Burmenskaya O.V., Ekimov A.N., Abubakirov A.N., Bogatyreva Kh.A.
Current embryo selection techniques in the implementation of assisted reproductive technology programs
Vagapova G.R.
Reproductive disorders in women with hyperprolactinemia: pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, diagnosis
Vorobyev A.V., Makatsaria A.D., Brenner B.
Trousseau’s syndrome: The forgotten past or actual present?
Original Articles
Kholin A.M., Khodzaeva Z.S., Gus A.I.
3D power doppler placental bed vascularization in the first trimester prediction of preeclampsia
Skripnichenko Yu.P., Baranov I.I., Vysokikh M.Yu.
Determination of the blood level of mitochondrial DNA for the prediction of pregnancy complication
Salov I.A., Marshalov D.V., Petrenko A.P.
Correlation of fetal hypoxia with intra-abdominal pressure during childbirth in patients with obesity
Khirieva P.M., Kuznetsova M.V., Bystritsky A.A., Martynov S.A., Burmenskaya O.V., Trofimov D.Yu., Adamyan L.V.
Investigation of the gene mRNA level in the endometrial tissue of reproductive-aged women with intrauterine synechiae
Marinkin I.O., Trunchenko N.V., Volchek A.V., Ageeva T.A., Nikitenko E.V., Makarov K.Yu., Kuleshov V.M., Omigov V.V., Aidagulova S.V.
Inflammatory markers in the normal and thin endometrium in chronic endometritis
Chernukha G.E., Tabeeva G.I., Gusev D.V., Kuznetsov S.Yu.
Estimation of adipose tissue indicators in functional hypothalamic amenorrhea
Krasnopolskaya I.V.
Pelvic floor dysfunction in women: clinical presentation, diagnosis, and principles of treatment
Dolgushina N.V., Ibragimova E.O., Romanov A.Yu., Burmenskaya O.V., Makarova N.P., Shafei R.A., Syrkasheva A.G.
Predictors of spontaneous human blastocyst hatching in ART programs
Medvedeva V.V., Malygina G.B.
Optimization of endometrial preparation prior to assisted reproductive technology programs for HIV-infected women with tuboperitoneal factor infertility
Dynnik V.A., Shcherbina N.A., Dynnik A.A.
The relationship between the individual components of the reproductive system and energy metabolic hormones in abnormal uterine bleeding in adolescence
Organization of Public Health
Radzinsky V.E., Papysheva O.V., Esipova L.N., Startseva N.M., Kotaish G.A.
Features of medical care for gestational diabetes mellitus (in case of a specialized obstetric hospital)
Exchange of Experience
Manukhin I.B., Silaev K.A., Vuchenovich U.D.
Influence of modern methods of prenatal psychoprophylactic preparation of pregnant women and alternative methods of vaginal delivery on the course and outcome of labor
Aryutin D.G., Vaganov E.F., Belousova A.A., Toktar L.R., Toniyan K.A., Orazov M.R., Dukhin A.O.
Endoscopic lateral fixation using a T-shaped mesh implant is an effective way of correcting apical genital prolapse
Solovyeva A.V., Kuznetsova O.A., Ermolenko K.S.
Prevention of recurrent urinary tract infectious diseases and edemas in pregnant women, by using cranberry (Oxycoccus) preparations
Levochkina L.N., Varda S.V.
Combination therapy for bacterial vaginosis in women of different age groups
Clinical Notes
Bryukhina E.V., Ishchenko L.S., Kagan V.V., Vaitsel S.A., Kropotukhina N.V.
Pregnancy and childbirth in a patient with circular resection and endoprosthesis of the trachea
Bairamova N.N., Protasova A.E., Raskin G.A., Vandeeva E.N., Kuzmina N.S., Yarmolinskaya M.I., Orlova R.V., Ovodenko D.L.
Endometrioid borderline ovarian tumor in the presence of endometriosis
Бионика Медиа