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Bogatyreva Kh.A., Mishieva N.G., Burmenskaya O.V., Trofimov D.Yu., Martazanova B.A., Lapina V.S., Korolkova A.I., Martynova M.V., Abubakirov A.N.
The transcriptional profile of cumulus cells in women with diminished ovarian reserve in ovarian stimulation protocols in different phases of the menstrual cycle in in vitro fertilization programs
№12 / 2017
Bogatyreva Kh.A., Mishieva N.G., Martazanova B.A., Lapina V.S., Abubakirov A.N.
Efficiency of ovarian stimulation protocols in different phases of menstrual cycle in patients with diminished ovarian reserve
№11 / 2017
Martazanova B.A., Mishieva N.G., Vedikhina I.A., Aksenenko A.A., Eapen S.M., Ibragimova M.Kh., Ivanets T.Yu., Abubakirov A.N.
The hormonal profile in women at high risk for ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome after replacement of an ovulation trigger
№6 / 2015

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